Highlands Profile

• 2nd Highest incorporated town east of the Mississippi River at 4,118 feet
• One of the few temperate rain forests in North America
• Year Round population on Highlands Plateau 3,200 swelling to over 18,000 in the summer
• Salamander capital of the world
• Lichen capital of the world
• Median home price in 2005 was $662,000
• Average age of home is 17.4 years
• Population has grown 32% since 1990
• Median age is 47.4
• Average people per household is 2.17
• 31.8% of population have a four year degree or higher
• Median income $41,940**
• Forbes magazines 499th most expensive zip code
• Profile of new home buyer is mid 40?s professional within a 6 hour drive radius of Highlands who tends to come 12-18 weekends a year.
** Data collected from US Census which does not calculate the effect of the second home owners in population, median income, education, etc.

Healthcare- Highlands Cashiers Hospital

Educations- Highlands School, K-12; Summit Charter School; Southwestern Community College; Western Carolina University