“Membership Has Its Privileges”


• Newcomer/Visitor Information – The Chamber promotes its members to the residents, tourists, newcomers, and inquirers that visit or contact our office each year.
• Membership Decal – Display it proudly so that those who visit your establishment will know that you are a quality business and, that you have made an investment in our community to insure that it remains a great place to live, work, and visit.
• Inquiry Lists – The Chamber promotes its members to the residents, tourists, newcomers, and inquirers that visit or contact our office each year.
• Mailing Labels – Available to members at a discount price. Target your business mailings to any specific group of professionals by using our list.


• Membership Directory/Visitor Guide – Gain recognition and exposure by being listed in the Visitor Guide. You are listed in one category free and for a small fee may be listed in another categories.
• Destination Guide – You are given a free listing in the brochure that most closely represents your business.
• Free Brochure/Business Card Display – You may display your business brochure and business card in the Visitor Center to be seen by the thousand that enter it each year.
• Internet Listings – Thanks to http://www.highlandschamber.com/ Chamber members may increase the exposure of their business through the internet.
• Link to your Website – All members are given a free link from the Chamber’s website to their business website.
• Publications – All members receive the Chamber’s newsletter advising them of events, issues, and new members. All members also receive a copy of the Chamber’s Plan of Work for the year.
• Business Co-op Ads – The Chamber annually picks media outlets to purchase pages of advertising to allow its members to participate with smaller ads. This gives a small business the means to advertise in outlets that are normally out of their reach.
• Sponsorship Opportunities – Members are given the opportunity to expose their business in the community by sponsoring Chamber events.
• Advertising – Members are given the opportunity to advertise their business at a reasonable cost in various Chamber publications which will expose their business to our visitors. An example is our Visitor Guide.


• Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies – For new businesses in the area, new ownership, or new location, the Chamber will assist you with a grand opening.
• Legislative Affairs – The Chamber keeps abreast of governmental affairs on all levels of government and advises its members on legislation that may have a positive or negative affect on their business.
• Free Referral System – All of us in the Chamber take advantage of every opportunity to get the name of your business out to the public.
• Weekly Updates – Members receive weekly updates via e-mail on events, openings and closings, and business hours so that you may better serve your customers.


• Business After Hours – A great opportunity each month to gather in a low pressure setting for fun and making new business contacts. Chamber members tend to do business with and promote other Chamber members.
• Job Postings – Members are allowed to post job opening on the Chamber’s website at no cost.
• Fall Finale and Spring Fling – These two social events conclude and kickoff our business season. It?s a good chance to connect with fellow members.
• Committees – You have the choice to volunteer for a committee that interests you and gives you excellent opportunities to work side by side with prospective customers.


• Tax Deductible – Chamber membership is considered to be a necessary business expense.
• Recognition – As a business that is here to stay, show that you are interested in the long-term success of your business and community.

The Chamber of Commerce is not a department of the city, county, or state government; is not a civic club or professional society. It is not a social service, welfare, or charitable institution; and the Chamber is not a private advertising, publicity, or public relations agency for town entities.